Oil Terminal SA Constanta occupies a strategic position in the Black Sea is the largest sea, specializing in circulation of oil, liquid petroleum products and petrochemicals and other products and raw materials for import / export and transit.

Oil Terminal Constanta is one of the largest terminal in Southeastern Europe.
S.c. Oil Terminal Constanta was founded in 1898, bearing the name of Steaua Romana and up in 1990, the company operated under various names.

In 1990, under Law 31/1990, Government Decision No.. 1200/12.11.1990 was founded S.C. Oil Terminal S.A. Constanta form The organization is a joint stock company with majority state.

Advantages that give the location and strategic position are:
- terminal on the Black Sea;
- access to road and rail transport links;
- existence of three large warehouses equipped with tanks in which petroleum products are circulated with a total capacity of 1.7 million cubic meters of storage;
- capacity loading of petroleum products and chemicals in landfills FF having a total length of 30 km;
- pipelines for unloading petroleum products and chemicals.